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The Italian Tailoring Tradition in the Abruzzo Region

Since the seventeenth hundreds Abruzzo has contributed to diffuse elegance by providing fashion with it's greatest tailors that from their small workshops of those days were able to make the sublime art of cutting and sewing known and appreciated worldwide.

Nevertheless, a real and true Tailoring School in our region was founded only between the late eight hundreds and the early nine hundreds with a few illustrious names such as Domenico Caraceni who travelled from Ortona in the province of Chieti to Rome to sew custom-made suits for high profile members of the upper class and for select royal families, Facciolini from Teramo, Tritapepe from Pescara, Marinucci from Chieti and many other well and less-known tailors to conclude with Nazareno Fonticoli that in 1945 together with Gaetano Savini, founded the Brioni Atelier in Rome and in 1960 the Brioni Roman Style in Penne in the province of Pescara therefore providing the first example of high fashion custom tailoring with an industrial method of organization. 

In 1985 the Honourable Professor Lucio Marcotullio had an intuition and thus the great merit of placing solid foundations for the future by creating a tailoring school inside of the Brioni (in collaboration with the Royal College of Art of London) of absolute excellence and in 2002, birth year of the ForModa foundation, continued to further spread culture and management of companies in the field through collaboration with several Universities and the with the institution of a Master of first level in Economics and Fashion Management.

Amoung these "sacred monsters" other small and middle-size realities grew, such as our Belisario Tailor Shop, that although the difficulties encountered in finding persons interested in learning a craft to continue the diffusion of the tailoring tradition in Abruzzo, and with the political and financial-economic crisis in the years that followed, were nevertheless, able to continue to maintain a high level of craftsmanship that today is the duty of all to preserve. 

In unending defence of the authentic "Made in Italy" and of a patrimonial culture of priceless value, so as to be a good omen for the future generations, we wish to conclude this short chronicle of the tailoring tradition in Abruzzo with a quote from our highest poet Gabriele D'Annunzio that demonstrates the height of his consideration for a tailor his fellow countryman.

When asking his friend from Abruzzo to plead with "The Master"  to sew him a few suits he expressed himself with these words:                                                                                                                                                                          "...the other day I wrote to our friend to have with me in the new Rome a few of those suits that fit me with the delight of those who make them...You know my faith in the moltitude of perfect craftsmen indoctrinated in the matter of cutting and from many years in the practice of sewing. Therefore provide so that the master of the craft can transform the material into masterpieces".

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