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How can I eliminate stains?


The stain can be removed by rubbing with a cottonball drenched in alcohol but it would be better to bring the shirt to the dry cleaners where several chemical products are available to resolve the problem.


Rub with a cottonball drenched in alcohol.


Wipe the excess wine off and rinse the stain well with cold water. Later wash garment with cold water.


Pour a few drops of liquid soap onto the stain and rinse with cold water.


Rinse with cold salty water, then apply a mixture of soap repeating this procedure over time. Machine wash in cold cycle.


Use a bit of nail polish to soften and remove with a clean cloth.


How can I place an order?

Click on  "Create your own shirt"

Choose a category of fabrics by clicking on the photo (Classical, Solid, Striped etc.)

 Select the preferred fabric by placing a dot on the left-hand side of the photo and click on  "Continue" 

Select the style for the collar and click on  "Continue"

Select the cuff style and click on  "Continue"

Select the options you prefer (mother-of-pearl buttons, initials etc.) and click on  "Continue"

Select the style for the front and back of the shirt and click on  "Continue"

Choose whether to create a  "standard size"  or a  "personalized size"  shirt and click on  "Continue"

If you opted for a standard size start by choosing the fit (Full Cut or Slim Cut)

If you opted for a personalized size choose the method for taking measurements (on body or on shirt), click on the question mark to visualize how to proceed and then fill in the measurements in centimeters or inches and click on  "Continue"

N.B. If you are already a customer simply login to view previous orders and to retrieve your measurements automatically for use in current order.

You have arrived at the shirt summary: click on  "Continue"

At this point if you decide to order other shirts click on  "New shirt",  if your order is complete choose the Country of destination and click on "Continue to Checkout"

If you are a new customer you must follow the registration process otherwise, continue by selecting the method of payment (Credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer) and then click on  "Order Confirm"  and follow the instructions according to the method selected.


How can I register?

Go to the homepage and click on  " Register"  on the top right-hand corner, fill in all the fields (or at least the mandatory ones marked with an asterisk) and select a password with five or more alphanumeric characters; afterwards, wait until you receive a confirmation e-mail from our system enabling you to activate your account by simply clicking on the link included in the e-mail received.      

How can I retrieve my password?

Go to the homepage and click on  "Forgot my password",  enter your user name or your e-mail address in the given field, press  "send"  and wait for our notification via e-mail.


How can I track my order?

All orders are monitored by our computer system that automatically sends an e-mail of order confirmation and subsequently one of shipment specifying the waybill number and link of referral of the Express Courier.


How do I take my measurements?

Go to  " Create your own shirt",  click on  "Choose the fit"  and then on  "Personalized size",  choose between the  "on body"  or  "on shirt"  method. Afterwards, click on the question mark and pictures will appear illustrating exactly how to take measurements.


How should I wash and iron my dress shirts?

Our dress shirts can be machine washed using a gentle cycle with lukewarm water (max 40°). Do not spin or tumble dry. Wash white shirts separately with chlorine bleach if needed. Use colour-safe bleach for coloured shirts. Avoid bleaching dark coloured shirts altogether. Dry on a clothes hanger when possibile and iron while fabric is slightly damp.


What are the details that denote a high quality garment?

It is the fine detailing on a dress shirt that distinguishes it and makes the difference:

- strong seams with at least nine stitches per centimeter

- matched stripes for shoulders and sleeves ( invisible pocket upon request )

- Fully single needle English seamed hips (the two shirtails are first sewn and then fastened for a durability that withstands the test of time)

- lockstitched Mother of Pearl buttons to ensure longevity

- handmade fly

- removeable stiffeners available for classic collars

  and more.......


What are the differences between 100, 120, 180, 200, 240 yarns and which fabrics are the most luxurious?

Yarns are distinguished by thread count and dimension. Thread count is the term used to define the number of yarns per square centimeter of woven fabric and is a combination of vertical yarns, known as warp yarns, and horizontal yarns, known as weft yarns. The dimension of the yarn refers to the thickness of the yarns that are weaved together to create the fabric. A higher number indicates a finer yarn. Finer yarns can be spun only from the thinnest, smoothest, longest cotton fibers (known as extra long staple) and the finer the yarn the higher it's thread count.

ex. 120/2:  the first number indicates the thread count of the yarn.

The number following the slash indicates whether it refers to a single-ply yarn or a two-ply yarn.

ex. 80:  single-ply yarn and not two-ply that would be indicated with /2.

Weights, intended per linear meter, start from about 110 grams for a fine voile and can reach 300 for a winter panama and between these two extremes a wide range of weights to allow the choice of the most suitable fabric. Also, the weight of a fabric is linked to it's thread count, that is, with the fineness of the yarn based on the relation between weight and length. The thread count indicates the number of hanks (840 yards) in a pound of cotton. The higher the thread count, the finer the yarn and the greater it's worth. A fabric with a high thread count (over 100) can make a fabric with a heavy weight in grams light.  


What are the Pros and Cons of opting for a spare collar and cuffs?

Perhaps the advantage could be that by substituting the worn out collar and cuffs you basically have a new shirt. On the other hand, having to resort to a tailor to have this done with the risk that the new collar and cuffs could be of a slightly different colour (had they not been previously washed) could be a disadvantage.


What is your delivery time?

Delivery (as indicated in the  "sales conditions" ) will be effected within 12 business days from receipt of the order and after 5 additional days for shirts with handmade details.


Which fabrics are indicated for an elegant dress shirt?

The best fabrics for an elegant dress shirt are surely Sea-Island, Piquet, and all those with a thread count between 140/2 and 240/2 which guarantee prestige.


Which fabrics are suitable for all seasons?

Poplin and fil à fil are good all year round fabrics but it mostly depends on personal preference. For use under a blazer even voile or zephir could be good choices.


Which fabrics are suitable for the summer season?

Fabrics such as voile, zephir voile, English round, linen and linen blends are all good choices for the summer season.


Which fabrics are suitable for the winter season?

Oxford, Twill, cotton and cotton and kashmir blends are indicated for the winter season.


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